Friday, August 29, 2008

Favorit food

In my country there is many delcies food ,however, Kabssa is the best one you can eat.When my wife do it hear in united stet, she teaks me far away where is my extend family thats night sroundeing the big dish under the light of moon.In the nice summer nights, many Saudian families leave the town with there relatives to the desert.So,they can left all there life's problems behind the town prouder s.In one wonderful night, my mother made fantastic Kabssa ,first,she put little corn oil in the cattle, add union ,and gave it 2 mantes ,then she put the meet with salt and some comone,after the color of meat has been changed,she took it out and add water ,then put some rice, the water was covered the rice,and she watched ,then before the rice became ready she puts the meat more time in tha cattle to give the rice good test.furthermore,my mother brought the Kabssa with salad and cola ,then don't ask how we do! .actually it is best days we are exist with our family under the light of the moon .

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Anna said...

It sounds like a very pleasant time to me too.