Saturday, September 13, 2008

Favorite music

I know it is surprised for you when you know that I don't like music,but this is troth.For me, music is very bad for the people feeling,It take you to dark forest of sad,It is moves many kind of pain in your self.Some of songs has bad wards, some of it pushes you to attract insent girls,then after you teak your wants you leaves her like any bad things, some of music are very high sound ,I believe it harms your ears day by day,many new songs based by some crazy people ,if you see them in the club or any where they do there songs you thought you are inside small jangle,some of them jumps like monkey, others cries with bad voice you are ever haired before.some of them like divole with his mass long hair ,his appearance was very bad ,you try tens time to figure his face.For those and other things I don't like it at all,I can spend my time hair ALQURAN the holy book of Muslims,their are many soft voices attract you to recognize to your lord take you far away to the heaven,teach you a lot of values,teach you how to respect others,or some times I haired some Arabic songs with out music, I know it is strange for you, but it is another choice to spend your time in some thing useful.

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Anna said...

I can understand why you feel this way, of course, I do think different. To each his own.