Sunday, September 21, 2008


I like movies so much,do you know I don,t see movies during this month.Actually ,I would like to do ,but I did not find time to do.Every day we have long ,long home work. I still remember my favorite movie "Bad Boys" when will smith and his friend act policemen.I like this kind of movies,because it is pretend fighting between good and evil. Any way,in my country Saudi Arabia we don"t have real theater industry,of course we have some personal tries , however, it serve to introduce our country in the international exhibits. I believe that cinema industry needs high budget, and many specialist institutes . If we can offer these elements maybe we can establish theater industry. People in Saudi Arabia watch both Arab movies and western movies,I don't have specific statistic to obtain the people attitude,however, If they want some romance they attend to the Arabic movies ,because it close to their filling and talk about their environment, and they like western movies when they want to watch action or adventure's films. In the end ,I hope I can take rest to watch many movies because I indeed want to do.

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Anna said...

Very interesting. I wish I had more time to watch movies too.