Monday, October 6, 2008

School classes in my country

In Saudi Arabia we have two kinds of school :public school and private school,generally, students attend to their classes at morning.We don't have specific time to beginning our study .In this year we are starting in 10/10 2008.In the public schools there is no uniform to be wearing during the class,however in the PE class they might ask students to bring some athletic uniform.Private school in the law grade they have to wearing special uniform,but the high grade did not.Teacher most go to the students in their classes.They can ask students to the computer lap or since lap,otherwise students can not leave their the United States we observe big different not for cloths or classes ,but for education treatment.In the United States, teacher try to reach to the students hard ,they prepere hard to offer the subject in easy way,they make many different way to reach information to the students, they don't teasing the students,they make high respect to them.In our country we need some of this behaviors to our students.I don't say we don't have this habits,but I said don't apply it in their system in Saudi Arabia there are two semester,there is one exam after each semester,after that they have long holiday they might reach four months in some years

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