Saturday, October 18, 2008

last vication

After long term ,we took around ten days as holiday between two semesters,but unfortunately it came worst holiday for me,that because I cannot pass EAB2 for first time in my life,I don't test the fail in my class before this time.However,this holiday came to heavy and much poring.In addition,we don't travel as we do each time.The thing which I can say it is good for me when I went to recreation center and played valley pall with my friends.I am going this semester to change my plan and study hard to achieve high score.I am very optimistic because many thing are changed ,and I am failing comfortable because we have a pure environment around our world.We can create our life as we want.If anybody want to treat with his sadness he can through forgotten the past ,and look to the future as attractive day he need to live with.iN the contrast,if someone want to make the events big deal he can ,but he will be loose his health and his future.So,welcome to new life with high pleasure.

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Anna said...

I'm sorry to hear about your last term, but I know if you apply yourself you will do excellently.