Thursday, October 16, 2008

Carbondale-fe #1

The Difference Between Riyadh and Carbondale

Since I have been here in Carbondale I have observed many amazing things,people here are very quiet and very respectable.They usually distribute their smile to strangers. In addition, they are very helpful.The town has two main streets only; when the dust is coming, all the city is going to be quiet. In the morning there is a large space for your car to move softly and safely. The problem of Carbondale is there is no large opportunity for the citizens to find jobs, but it still is a very nice place for me.

Riyadh, the city where I lived before, is considered the capital of Saudi Arabia. It is 45km long and 45 km wide;there are tens of highways. The population is around two million people; in the morning you need around half an hour to reach your destination. The people are too busy by themselves; there is a wide desert around the city, so warmth surrounds your life in the car, in the home, or even under the air conditioning!

These big differences between two cities don't make me uncomfortable, because I tempt myself to live in any place under any matters. Riyadh is still my own town, which I love to death. In contrast, Carbondale is great place for people who need learning or to have a relaxing life, because it had many wonderful places like Murphysboro Lake, Giant City, or spillway; I like this environment very much.

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