Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fluency Exercise #2

Comparing between two places

Talk about nature is very interesting to me. I like desert so much even if it has very little green space. Desert means freedom; you can send your vision as far you can. There is nothing that can block your vision; you can clearly see the horizon as the end of everything. The view of sky while hugging the earth tells you a perfect romance story in the desert. If you are lucky, and your eyes catch rare animals you feel more happiness and joy. I know my words seem strange somehow, but this is the truth. At the same time, I like Carbondale environment, because you see God's gifts. I have seen landscapes here I have never ever seen during my life. There are many kinds of forests, and it changed every season as a wonderful view done by the greatest artist. When you go around you thought yourself in the wide zoo, you can see various birds, dear, turtles, and many other animals. People here are very respectful to the environment; they do not follow the animals or hunt the birds. Carbondale is a very interesting place to live in; however, my heart takes me to the desert where there are no more animals or even green trees.

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