Monday, October 20, 2008

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Global changing

In Tim Hirsch’s (2005) article “Animals ‘hit by global warming,’ ” the author discusses the fact that changing of climate probably causes extinction of animals and might affect birds' migration. In addition, he points out several causes, such as melting ice, desertification, and warming of seas. These big factors push the birds to change their life style; some of them changed their migration, while others adapted with new situation. However, the problem remains with other birds that cannot adapt like others. Finally, he summarizes the problem in a variety of things like facing strong storms, raised sea level of water, extended desertification, and decrease of grown water in some places. Moreover the author states that the world must find a global solution to fix this problem.

Clearly the animals' and birds' lives are threatened by weather changing,and hunting; however, we have some trying to fix this big problem, because the birds are considered an important part of our life. The author talked about many real problems which threaten animals' and birds' lives, and they also threaten biodiversity. All organisms should have a safe place, food, and large spaces to gain their freedom. Birds and animals need to move when they feel something wrong in their wild habitat. For example, they migrate if they can’t find enough food or if the plants disappear because of hot weather. Also they cannot live if the places are empty of water or from grasses. Furthermore, many people contributed to extending this problem by using hunting and following the animals with their cars. Moreover,they might use the coasts for their relaxation, which pushes the birds and turtles, for example, to leave the shores. We can not close our eyes in front of some agreements which the countries signed like the Public Authority Wildlife Protection (1992), which was joined by 191 countries, and which aims to protect the biodiversity because it is the important source of our foods, clothes,and medicine(n.c.w.c.d., n.d.). Second, there is Treaty to Maintain the Migratory Species (1979), which was signed by 108, and it talks about offering immediate protection to animals and birds which are mentioned in it. Third, there is Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (1973), which was signed by 172 countries, whose goals are to protect more than 2800 kind of plants, and more than 5000 kind of animals.

On other hand, there are many attempts by individual countries like the United Kingdom, when it established a huge bank of DNA for thousands of animals that are threatened by extinction. Also, in Saudi Arabia we have The National Wildlife Conservation and Development, which created many wildlife areas to protect the animals and birds from any threats. These agreements surely contribute to solving this problem, and we still need more cooperation among the countries, and we need to start from our selves through building a new relationship among ourselves and our environment. The importance of that is because those are our natural sources, and they clearly affects our lives. We cannot imagine the earth without birds giving us delicious foods or nice songs, and we cannot live without beef or milk; this is a real problem. If we cannot control our environment and protect our animals and birds, we might be the next victims of global changing.


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