Wednesday, October 29, 2008


AEP #2
FE #4

My favorite sport is soccer, I like soccer very much. Since I was ten years old, my father took me to watch a soccer team in our small town. When there was no real match between our towns clubs. I played (soccer) or football as we called it in the Arab World. Two teams should play soccer games, in the championship each team must have eleven players and five as stand by. However, in the other places you can play it with any number of people. In Saudi Arabia, we have good players. We reached the world cub four times. As we enjoyed this play; it has many dangerous injured. Many players have broken bones, heart attack, and suddenly died in the stadium. Other problems come from audience; they generally make problems when they encourage their favorite teams. Some of them hit the players with glasses or stones, or hit other spectators with chairs or fireworks or any thing else. They might burn the playground, so soccer very nice game if we have wise people.

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