Thursday, October 23, 2008

Love in Saudi Arabia

Love in Saudi Arabia
In Saudi Arabia, we have a large space of love. The love has much kind of definition, and many degree of level. The first steep is love in god, who creates human and other species. This love mains obey lord for any thing he asked to do, and avoid any thing he forbidden it. Next, love in your parents, who cared of you and protected you since you are small baby. Third, love all people in the world; it is including every one you deal with. In addition, you have to learn how to treat with them, and how to make relation ship with them. The last love and the important one is love of your soil, on other ward, second half of human gender. In my country, we treat with woman very carefully, because in our culture she is expensive thing we have. Do you know why? Societies usually contain thousands of families, nuclear family in other side contains father and mother and children, women are basic part in the nuclear family, our children growing up under their ayes, so she need more care of protection. We cannot let her as any goods in the market, every body can touch it, try it, use it, and in the end through it as any bad staff, and start looking for another one. Love in my country was holy approach; it comes after real relation ship. There is one way to gain marriage! People in Saudi Arabia choosing their wives based in moral behavior. You cannot choose your wife (love) from websites, or chatting room, because she might knew tens before or after. Your love should just for you, and forever. People can find their wife’s by their lovely moms, sisters, or any friends.
In the beginning they describes her to you, and describes you to her, If you interesting each other ,you can meet your future’s wife usually in her parents’ home, or brothers, then you might get wonderful looking from attractive face which no body saw it before, or you might break in love. After you both get married, you can give her all love you save it during your life. Love you do not separates it to any body before, pure, soft, and sincere. In contrast, you will win her pure heart, which doesn’t hurt from any playboy, or bad person before.


Anna said...

This was a very interesting post. As you know, most Americans view this very differently. I really think a lot of what you was really very beautiful, though in all honesty I know there is still a bit of it that is hard for me to understand.
Thank you.

salam to all said...

Dear Anna thank you for your beautiful comment,feel very to ask about anything may it unclear. mohammed