Saturday, September 13, 2008

Unied state

United State the dream of most of people around the world,when I get my visa I feel very happy because It is my old dream,Many people advise me to change my direction to Eurob because of political,but I make my decision,I'll travel to United state to complete my study!,I am trust in my self , and I trust this sentence" don't steal,you will not be afraid".Then 'when I arrived here I found every thing as I expected, The people treat me and my family with high respect, although our Islamic appearance, My wife and my children didn't facing any problem in the school,I say school because it following some official roles. So,America still America,the country of freedom.Same picture I'd drawing in my mind.So,I am very glad to be hear and I want thanks my government which give me this opportunity to complete my study and I would like to thanks United state and it people for their high hospitality.

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Anna said...

I'm glad that your experiences in The US have been pleasant!