Sunday, November 9, 2008


In my age,all dreams has stooped. No more dream; we have taken every thing that we want. However, maybe we can dream of other people; our children, our friends, or people around the world. My dream of my children; I hope they can live in pace with their selves, and with their peers. In addition, I wish they could succeed in their study, and in their lives. My friends I hope they can complete their lives with more successful and healthful. At last, my dream of the world I hope they to be one nation. All of us came from same father and mother, so they do not need more differences in their opinions. They no need to fight each other. I hope some of wise men can rolled the world to drive it to new era, where no more fight or killed. People can help each other to solute economic problems, which might take our countries many years back. If there are one dream that can I imagine, one last dream when she disappear from my life. Everybody knew what did she main for me .Many lost years of my life run after my dream. Asked people could they saw her. Explored in the neither desert where there grasses nor water. Examined in the cities and streets where people and high bright streets.When I tired and exhausted, I decided to travel, to find some thing can make me forget her. Nevertheless, the years passed and I still memorize her voice and her good looking. Sometimes I fell her breathing warmed my heart. I see her standing with White dress that I like to death. I hoped that I could stop the wheel at that time. So do you know who my love’s name is? Her name is the happiness.

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