Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time Alone

Person came to the life alone, and gone alone. During these times, he spends his time with people. In childhood, he lives with family. When he adult, he attends school where many people share him most of his time. However, some times, he needs to be alone; some of human natural require him to be alone, such as in the sleep times, or when he need rest room. Person could not stay with people all time, so he must be alone. Nevertheless, the question is how long did he stay alone? I think that is depending to the one condition. If he want to stay relax is differ than he is very sad. Some problems make people disappear few days, or more.

In addition, sitting alone may be a sign of some disease. Some people have autism or drug addiction. Because of that, I believe some cultures suspected about person’s alone time. For me, I like to be alone, when I am alone. I can be with myself; review my day’s activities, and my plan. I can manage or amendment many plans if that necessary, or go a head for it. More over, I can stay far away of daily pressure watching something I want, or hearing something I like. I will not be embarrassed to hear anything or see anything else he wants. If you stay sometimes alone, that may let you pining to sit with the other soon.

In contrast, if you stay with people all your time, you can clearly see how your relationship turn to the bad way is. Many arguments will establish, teasing each other, and many unwanted subjects. So stay alone as you can, but do not sliding off the abyss of loss.

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Anna said...

It is interesting how you mention things like alone time being sleep time and so on.