Thursday, November 27, 2008

Fe# 5

It is the first time I have seen an election in the United States. In Saudi Arabia, we do not have election to choose our president, because we are applying the Royal System. Three years ago, we started in Saudi Arabia to vote in municipal councils and chambers of commerce, and other civil matters. So it is not big surprise when we see the election here. However, the important thing that I observed here, widespread media coverage, and the professionalism which conducted by CNN channel, which tempted me and my family to watch this matter to the end. My family and I surrounded my laptop, my small daughter yelled Obama, Obama, and all of us want Obama to win. My wife and her neighbors standing out of their apartments talked about who is winning. In my side, I could not close my eyes; in seconds the number of voters maybe changed, and I did not want to lose this historic moment. In the end, they declared Obama the next president of the United States! What a big historical moments! All my family, each of my neighbors yelled in one voice, my small daughter the most happy person. I do not distinguish our happiness. Is this because Obama has Islamic assets, or we have seen liberty back to America. However, direct event and information technology that are given another taste of the election.

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