Saturday, November 1, 2008


In the past, Halloween is not an American costume. It came with Irish people who colon The United States around 1800. People here, usually follow everything strange comes from outside. Actually, this holiday need to be review in American society, because it scaring small children. In addition, it gives Devils something of importance and greatness and the ability to scare people.
At the same time, it drains the ordinary people's money; people spend thousands to buy Halloween's customs and throw it out after few days. It also promotes a culture of myth, which concerns the people of their own affairs task. In my country, we just have two big days per year to celebrate. One of them comes after holy Ramadan month, when we finished our fasting, and it mains thanks for Allah (our god) because give us chance to fast and break fast with good health. Second, it comes after Hajj when the people visit Makkah city in Saudi Arabia. After people performed worship and follow, the rites of the pilgrimage Abraham. They celebrate thanking Allah because they completed their Hajj. Other Muslims who was out of Makkah celebrate in their homes slaughtered sheep as Prophet Ibrahim did. We do not have any celebrate for divels! No way. We believe they are humans’ enemy. Our holy Quran teach us how they are driving people to the Hill. At the outset, the devil luring Adam and Eve, and took them outside the Haven. Today his followers want to drive people from their realism to the myths and myth. As a personو, I do not like to see people in appalling scenes. If a Doctor, respected teacher, or father who has many children dress up strange clothes, I think that is ridiculous. Moreover, it is inappropriate and not even acceptable.


Anna said...

I do not celebrate this holiday for similar reasons.

Unfortunately many Americans just want to celebrate this day and have a good time with no regard to the origins of the day.

salam to all said...

I know that for sure, people here don't main it, but, difel in my opinion likes this kind of scaring musks. for your information we have like those musks,and we usually use it to scare each other ,but still bad way -in my opinion- to play.

tom said...

hmmm interesting comments. I was always uncomfortable dressing up but I let my children do it because everyone was doing it. They are mostly scared by other people's dogs, not by the various masks of people on the street, because everyone has a mask on that day.

I think the main reason people are able to make fun of devils, witches, elves & spirits is that very few people actually believe in them. The people who are most strongly religious don't like Halloween at all & don't participate.

salam to all said...

Thank you Mr.Tom for your comment,my blogger is shine by you and Anna.