Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fe #3

Holiday In Saudi Arabia is very interesting. Usually, people travel to cold towns in the west of Saudi Arabia or in the south. I would like to talk about Taif city, which is located in west of Saudi Arabia: it is 1700 meters higher than sea level. There are high mountains, which are rise to the sky, one of them as 6000 feet. Green trees are surrounding all the mountains. Families sometimes build small tents, and bring their foods, which usually contain lamb and rice. Children can move around, and gather some fruits which grow around mountains. During summer, vacations, there are many playgrounds in those mountains. It looks like sex flags, but it is not. In addition, there is a high electric track that can take people from the top of the mountain to down and opposite. People can get drink or food from different restaurants nearby. The difference between holiday in the United States and Saudi Arabia is people in Saudi Arabia might travel as a group of relatives, and have share their habits like soccer or another activity. Here you could not see two families together; In Saudi Arabia they might stay together for 20 days or more, but here I think it is less than number. Also in Saudi Arabia, they do not drink alcohol, so they use cola, tea, or an Arabic coffee. In the end, I hope I can go back to Taif to take my next holiday over there.

To see more about Taif , http://www.jannahorg/articles/taif.html

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