Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy remined

When I was child, I did many things to stay happy. Actually, I was very lucky because I had many neighbors, who shared my interested childhood. Every day, after we finished our school, we gathered near my house. Some times, we played soccer; speared ourselves as two groups. In fact, we did not have real playground. However, we put some big stones as goal. Furthermore, we pretended as real players. Some of old neighbors might took our balls, and let us very sad. In the day after, we bring other ball, and complete our games. Some times we called other friends to make match with them. In that’s time, we cannot offered real cup, so we created it from glasses, or plastic. After any groups won, they take the cup as a good reward they had ever seen! If we were not interested in soccer, we had many games to play. However, one of them involve putting seven small stones on top of each, and kick it by small ball, the team who kick the ball run away; another team tries to bring the pall and hit the other players before they return the stones as it are. It is very interesting game. In that’s time children more energy than these days. Today, our children setting near the electronic games. They do not using their bodies, only one part of their bodies is work. I think this is bad way to spend their times. I hope we can create new games that help our children to unloading their physical energy. Maybe after several years, they memorize a happy times.

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