Thursday, November 27, 2008

Flu# 6

All people I guess are waiting for a long holiday. It is a great time to relax. Many people work hard whether they work or study. People who have children in school are waiting for a few days of holiday to join their children to enjoy a vacation. For me, I like to travel. Most of my vacations spent in Egypt. This is because not only my wife is from Egypt, but also because it is very nice place I have seen. In Cairo, the capital of Egypt, the people approach you with their good smile, and high respect. If you know Arabic or if you find someone to talk in the English language, you will be a lucky man. They have ways to simplify everything, and that is what you want in your vacation. Actually, a few of them might ask you for some money; however, they have several ways to get it with your big smile. The city was a historical city, because it was built before around 1000 years ago. In addition, you can find new regions beside the old one. In Cairo, tourists usually visit many places. The most important place you can visit is the pyramids. The pyramids were built 4000 years ago by pharaoh’s civilization. In Cairo, there are many amazing things such as the Nile River, the longest river in the world; also, it has an underground train, they call it Metro, which can take you along the crowded capital city in few minutes. When I drove out of Cairo, particularly on the Alarish road, I saw an amazing road; we found a tunnel under the sea that was several miles long. It was dangerous when we crossed with my family under the sea in that tunnel by our car; while we reached the middle of the tunnel, we observed some water inside the tunnel, but no way, we have to complete the road to the end, because the traffic blocked the second one, so we had to wait for the other cars to move. I encourage all people to visit Cairo; it is a wonderful place.

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